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Why Panakos

Panakos Law was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and closely-held small businesses.  We are entrepreneurs, business transaction attorneys, litigators, and MBA’s and truly understand the needs of business owners, their investors, and their employees, partners, and vendors. We take a unique approach to providing the legal support our clients require through a comprehensive means where solutions, not billable hours, are effectively reached.

A Trusted Team, Not Just an Attorney

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  • A small, intimate and cohesive “brain trust” of litigators, transactional attorneys, and paralegals
  • Experience in both Private Equity & Venture Capital Industries
  • Extensive Transactional, Litigation, and Civil Experience
  • In-House MBA in “New Venture Management”
  • We have Owned, Operated and Exited our own businesses
  • Ample Client Success (Read Some Testimonials)

A Comprehensive Set of Solutions, Not an Hourly Bill

A Convenient Office Location

  • Just off I5 on the Southern edge of Little Italy, not in the depths of downtown (easy access)
  • 5th floor of a 5 story professional building, not an “executive suite” high-rise (easy to find)
  • Professional, yet casual office environment (we try to avoid wearing ties too)
  • 2 Hours Free Parking with easy access (free is good yeah?)
  • Walking distance to SD County Center (fastest DBA formations in San Diego)
  • Little Italy strip of restaurants out our front door (book a lunch consultation?)
  • A view of the San Diego bay from the conference room (consultation at sunset?)
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Why Panakos Law? 12 Reasons to Hire a Business Attorney:

1. What is the best first step you can take to start or advance your business?

Successful entrepreneurs or business owners will tell you there’s nothing like the protective armor of their attorneys to cost-effectively assist them as they minimize their risks and maximize their results. Foremost, they take care to hire competent business attorneys to protect their organization, their assets, their futures and themselves as they start or grow their businesses.

2. Isn’t it best to take your first of a thousand steps in the right direction?

Absolutely! We trust that you want to make the best business decisions, ensuring your success as you plan and consider all options, protecting your resources and hitting the mark at each stage of business development. It’s simply best to arm yourself with a quality business attorney from the get-go.

3. Let it be said, “The devil is in the details”

Save your valuable resources and precious time—doing what counts most. There are so many requirements and legal filings necessary to launch, grow and make shifts in your business as you respond to your ever-changing market. You will avoid overlooking critical steps and necessary items when you hire a qualified business attorney to guide you through every phase of your business.

4. Make every hour and every resource count

And that means doing whatever it takes to start generating revenues as soon as you can. Would you take hours and days to research all aspects of a root canal before having one?  Of course not!  We know you would rely on the expert skills and abilities of your dentist.  It’s no different with starting or managing your business. The expert advice of a qualified business attorney will swiftly position you to generate your ROI, allowing you to make every hour and every resource count.

5. The adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” shouts volumes

Taking preventative measures in your start up or as you meet various cycles of growth can create huge savings whereas the alternative of plunging forth without legal guidance could be costly and detrimental.  Make every step count with the expert guidance of your experienced business attorney.

6. Insulate your personal assets from harm or potential loss

We’d like to think that all risks are insurable, but the truth is, they’re not.  For instance, what happens when a liability source is outside the realm of insurance coverage or your business model’s legal protection?  What if your business model does not inherently separate personal assets from business assets? A qualified business attorney can prevent you from ever having to ask yourself these and many more vital questions.

7. Understanding corporate identity and branding is essential to your success

Both should be immediately recognizable, in concert with one another as they indicate their connection to the general purpose of your business, touting a clear and simple message with convincing results.  Will you need trademarks, copyrights, patents, or registrations?  An experienced business attorney who understands your needs can guide you through all processes that will protect your intellectual property, your corporate identity and branding, which are all vital to your success.

8. Partners in business are usually well intentioned

Potential business partners generally view one another as trusted and capable people who complement one another—a good match.  Most successful business partners will tell you they avoided partnership pitfalls by working with a business attorney who addressed the multitude of “What ifs” thereby protecting their relationship from conflict and stress while saving them valuable time and resources.

9. Safeguarding your business from employees…because disputes happen!

Don’t put your business at risk. It’s a challenge for entrepreneurs and business owners to learn and stay abreast of local, venue, state and federal laws pertaining to employees. Your attorney will protect you and your business by working with you to address your employee relationships, the importance of job descriptions and employee policies that may include sound hiring practices, performance evaluations and grievance procedures, disciplinary and firing procedures with Cobra guidelines, and much more.

10. The Internet is loaded with sample legal forms and resources…or is it?

Well, yes it is, but unfortunately every business comes with its own set of unique circumstances.  As such, when it comes to legal guidance and representation, the Internet is simply more often than not a cobblestone path. It has its merits, but it isn’t a guaranteed magic bullet or cost-saver.  Using it as a substitute for the personalized services of a qualified attorney can create havoc at high costs.

11. It’s all about personalized, customized service.

There’s something to be said about sitting across the table from an attorney who understands business law, jurisdictional requirements, is competent and genuinely cares about the success, health and wellbeing of you and your company.  Conversely, can you be certain that the person with whom you are speaking at the other end of those “800” numbers is whom you think, let alone qualified to serve your needs efficiently and cost-effectively?  Avoid those risks.  Your livelihood is at stake.

12. If you wear size 10 shoes, would you force your feet into size 7 shoes?

Of course not!  Even if the size 7 shoes were your most favorite style?  You wouldn’t attempt it.  The same goes for legal documents.  There are no two businesses alike.  If you were to adopt a sample legal document from another business that appears similar to yours, no doubt you would be sadly mistaken when various deficiencies appeared, confronted with circumstances beyond the scope of the legal documents you chose.  Why put yourself at risk when you can save your resources and time by working with a competent business attorney?

For the best in business law guidance, contact the business attorneys at Panakos Business Law today!

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