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Value-Based Billing

The business attorneys with Panakos Law are passionate about providing comprehensive legal solutions and services to our clients. We utilize a unique value-based billing process that we strongly believe sets us apart from large law firms and independent attorneys.

One size does not fit all; our business attorneys customize each and every deliverable and provide unique, specific solutions for every potential situation. We apply this customization concept to our billing methods as well.

Value vs. Cost

Our business attorneys are strong believers in providing our clients with valuable solutions not just legal representation that carries a cost. Our billing methods are transparent, honest, and clearly established prior to proceeding with any project. Our goal is to ensure our solutions provide our client’s with value, not just an invoice and we customize our compensation structure upfront in order to meet your unique needs in the most cost-effective way possible.

Panakos Business Law offers a variety of billing options that ensure our clients receive comprehensive legal solutions that are of value. Our billing options include the following:

  • Fixed Price / Project Specific
    Panakos Law strives to provide comprehensive solutions…not just billable hours
  • Hourly
  • Contingency
  • Performance-Based
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Strategic Counsel
  • A Hybrid (Discounted Hourly with Contingency)


Service-member Discounts: We are proud to support our local military personnel and offer significant discounts to both active-duty and military veterans. Contact us to learn more about how our San Diego business attorneys support our military.

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Fixed Price / Project Specific

Our preferred method of billing, as it allows us to represent you in the most efficient way possible. By knowing what our services will cost before we begin, a clear and transparent project scope is determined and our goals are aligned with our client’s.

  • Fixed, project-specific pricing is available on all the services offered
  • We’ll be clear in what the fixed fee will cover…and what it will not
  • Our incentive is not to use up hours but to deliver solutions that are of value
  • Entity Formation, Contract Drafting, PPM’s, dispute resolution, and even business partnership mediation
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Hourly Billing

As much as we prefer to work on a fixed-rate basis, there are plenty of reasons it might make more sense to utilize a more traditional hourly billing structure. Our hourly rates are just as upfront and transparent as our fixed billing where the rate is based on either the type of activity, the level of complexity of the matter, or the level of expertise required. There are many situations when the true scope of the project/issue cannot be clearly defined prior to diving into the project or dispute. Hourly billing ranges from $125 an hour to $450 an hour depending on a wide range of factors.

  • Evolving disputes not clearly defined
  • Defense of certain disputes and litigation cases
  • Certain types of business disputes
  • Certain civil and business litigation cases
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Contingency Billing

Our business attorneys frequently utilize billing on a contingency basis. A contingency fee is an agreement with the client where the attorney does not collect a fee unless we’re successful in the case at hand, in which case the lawyer takes a percentage of the monetary reward. Exactly how the contingency fee is structured, the contingency amount, and the cases contingency apply to are case and client specific. The primary advantage of contingency billing is that the client does not have to pay for legal services* up front, and our attorneys are highly motivated to work as hard as possible in reaching the most advantageous outcome.

  • Minimized upfront legal fees
  • A hybrid contingency and discounted hourly may also be an option
  • There are restrictions to which cases can be taken on contingency
  • *Hard costs, including court and filing fees may be the responsibility of the client
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Performance-Based Billing

As true believers in providing value to our clients, our performance-based billing option is unique to the legal industry. In specific cases, our business attorneys may, at their discretion, offer to work with clients on a discounted fixed-fee basis for specific flat-rate projects. In situations where the project scope is clearly defined, our attorneys may offer to discount the upfront fixed price of the project. Upon completion of the project, the client is provided with an invoice for the difference between the actual price of the project and what was initially charged. The client then has the option to pay the “outstanding balance” based on the attorney’s performance and final work-product, or the client can choose not to.

  • Discounted upfront fees on fixed-fee projects
  • Attorney completes project for discounted fixed amount
  • Payment of the difference is requested only if the attorney performed as expected
  • Client can choose not to pay difference if not completely satisfied in the work-product for any reason
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Monthly Subscription

Small business owners and young companies are faced with a wide-range of responsibilities and difficulties in operating a successful business. Our business attorneys understand the hurdles, conflicts, and opportunities that businesses face and we have structured a unique monthly subscription option for growing businesses that can turn to a trusted adviser anytime. By subscribing to the “Panakos Program” small business owners gain prioritized access to the entire Panakos team on discounted hourly rates.

  • 6 month, 9 month, and annual subscriptions available
  • One low, fixed payment due monthly covers a pre-set amount of hours per month
  • Discounted hourly rates are drawn against depending on the type of task and matter
  • Client gains access to entire team including attorneys, MBA’s, and paralegals
  • Unused hours accrue and can be applied to future work
  • Projects above and beyond the maximum hours are billed at standard rates
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Strategic General Counsel

The team at Panakos Law actively pursues unique and promising opportunities to help grow new ventures. In certain cases our team may be willing to explore working with entrepreneurs and their new ventures in a strategic counsel role.  This may include legal representation and services, board membership, direct investment, or other means of strategically working alongside an entrepreneur. In such cases we may develop a tailored compensation package according to your venture’s legal needs, financial status, and growth potential. Contact Panakos Law today to learn more about how our team can strategically work with you and your venture.

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