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Our business attorneys are passionate about how the firm conducts business and how our clients view us. We strive to work with both existing and potential clients in the most professional, personal, and respective manner possible.Panakos Law APC BBB Business Review Don’t move forward with another firm until you’ve had a chance to speak with a member of the Panakos team!

Feel fee to shop us around though, we’ll be right here when you want to reach out and work with the right team. We’ve earned our A+ BBB Accreditation and our Yelp reviews are honest reflections of what our clients think of us.

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The success or failure of your case can very much depend on what legal council you engage.  Don’t be fooled by the glossy marketing strategies of the BIG end of town and take the time to have an initial consultation with this firm.  Aaron and Adam and the team work together.  They get to know YOU.  They take the time to familiarize themselves with your case intimately.  They are meticulous in their preparation and advice.  Their knowledge of State and Federal law is excellent.  If there is something that they are unsure of, they take the time to investigate ensuring that you receive the RIGHT advice throughout the entire process.

As an International customer, we operated in different time zones and we communicated every day!  They are there when you need them (sometimes on weekends)!  They understand the emotional and financial strain that any legal case can put on you and they take the time to understand how to work with your case and more importantly YOU as a person.  They execute Strategy and preparation that is highly effective, coupled with their ability to “think outside the box” and look at your situation in a way that is unique.  Without a doubt, the size of a firm is NO indicator of the ability of it’s lawyers.  Our case is testament to that!  Panakos Law made the BIG end of town look like amateurs!  Book that initial consult and judge for yourself.  You will NOT regret it.  We intend to retain the services of this firm on an ongoing basis.  A law firm that assimilates good legal practice and litigation excellence with an intimate knowledge of business practice is absolutely essential.  This is that firm. – via Yelp!

I initially contacted Panakos Law after reading the reviews on Yelp and services offered on its website. I approached Aaron Sadock about a potential investment opportunity. Aaron was the first attorney I spoke to about an investment in an expanding local business. After speaking with Aaron, I had consulted with two other attorney’s and I wasn’t nearly as impressed with them as I was with Aaron. The choice to go with Aaron was an easy one. As an outside investor in a local business, which needed some restructuring, I understood that it would require some intense negotiations with the founders. Aaron’s mediation, communication and legal skills were just what was needed to close this deal and protect my investment. The deal was complex due to the type of investment vehicles used and the way in which the organizations were structured. Aaron and his team have good prior private equity experience and an excellent financial and legal understanding of the different types of investment vehicle options used to make the investment.

Aaron’s experience and expertise provided me with legal protection I hadn’t contemplated and also allowed him to work efficiently and quickly thus keeping legal fees from becoming unreasonable which is common among larger law firms that have an inexperienced associate work on similar transactions. Aaron’s practice is set up to meet and exceed the expectations of small business investment/ownership. The deal went off track quickly several times for things that were essentially non-material to the deal and Aaron was able to understand what was required to bring the parties together. Beyond the experience and after returning my retainer, Aaron went well beyond what an attorney would normally do and provided invaluable business and legal advice to the company. – via Yelp!

I’ve been in business on local to national levels for over 35 years and have never had the extreme pleasure of working with a professional the likes of Aaron Sadock, an attorney here in San Diego with Panakos Law.  Right out of the gate, I found Aaron to be genuine and sincere, forthright and incredibly knowledgeable. His insights were comprehensive and perceptive.  As he navigated me through the decision making process, he evaluated my situation from every angle and logically outlined all available options, each with practical steps to reach desired goals.  At all times he was respectful and thoughtful.  His follow-through was impeccable.

Aaron’s confidence inspired mine and his level of advocacy gave new meaning to the term, due diligence.  He was patient with my ignorance, taught me much in a very short time, and sifted through a complicated situation with grace and ease, swiftly achieving the results I sought.  I feel extremely blessed to have had Aaron Sadock’s guidance and expertise, so much so, that I feel privileged to recommend him. – via Yelp!

I had a great experience with Panakos Law. I emailed inquiring about information on business start up legal counseling and while it’s standard that initial consultation is free, you don’t ever expect to really get much feedback to come from it. Not true in this case.

It was a great in depth discussion and the consultation was truly valuable. Aaron provided information that I could take away regardless of whether I went with this firm or not. My consultations with other firms were much more underwhelming.  I felt very confident after speaking with Aaron at Panakos Law and got a strong impression that he is experienced in the realm of startup and can provide great value during the business formation process. – via Yelp!

I have worked with Aaron Sadock since 2009, initially for a business acquisition and later on for a bitter divorce battle between the two owners of the company. Aaron worked with me diligently and enthusiastically in both cases and achieved outstanding results.

During the business acquisition, Aaron drafted, revised, and finalized the contract with favorable terms. He educated me through the process on mitigating legal pitfalls involved in asset acquisition.

The divorce case was especially difficult and drawn-out due to the fact that I and my ex-husband were co-owners of the company. Aaron’s vision and his caring heart was instrumental in avoiding a disastrous ending that would have resulted in career and financial ruin. In many volatile times, Aaron provided effective resolutions to bring the situation under control. Even during the time when the case seemed hopeless, Aaron did not give up. He pushed on until a final resolution was reached between the two parties.

I owe my peace of mind and the fact that I can now carry on with my life to Aaron. Without him, I would have been in ruins. I am eternally grateful for what Aaron did for me. I am impressed by his knowledge and vision. In addition, I’m deeply touched by his caring heart, which is so rarely seen in the legal world. He is a person who truly cares about you and wants the best resolution for you.

Thank you, Aaron! – via Yelp!

Above and beyond. I went to Panakos as a small business seeking to incorporate in order to raise equity capital. After meeting with Aaron Sadock, I had a much better understanding of a variety of capitalization options, and how to proceed within a legal framework. He really took the time to understand my business, and I feel he will be really helpful not just with incorporating but also how to structure my investment offers. He genuinely is pulling for my success. – via Yelp!

Mr. Gordon and his team were very helpful in assisting me get my new business off the ground. I considered using an online filing company but was glad I chose to have a real lawyer get my business formed because of the detail and legitimacy they put towards my operating agreement. They were also helpful with all the other basic contracts and permits I needed to get up and running. If you’re an entrepreneur, this guys understand what you’re going through!

Very informative and helpful local law firm. Mr. Gordon and Mr. Sadock completely understood my business issues and arrived at some creative solutions that saved me a ton of money. Nice, yet professional law firm, I will use again…

I was in another state, looking for a good business attorney. I found Mr. Sadock via the internet so I picked up the telephone to have a conversation. I am so glad I had the good fortunes to find him. I have since started a business here in San Diego and have retained Aaron as my attorney. I couldn’t have made a better business decision. Panakos Law is attentive to detail, eager to help, pleasant to do business with, well educated amongst many other great things. I can not say enough good about this law firm. I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs a qualified and competent attorney on their side!

Thank you to all of the staff at Panakos Law! – via Yelp!

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