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Raising Capital

We understand that most early stage companies need to capital to grow.  Our business attorneys regularly represent companies in seed, angel, venture capital and debt financings.

You have the passion, idea, and team – let us help you maximize your funding abilities…
​As counsel, we not only structure the business to appropriately take on new capital, we also draft the appropriate agreements, negotiate investment terms, and actively support the business owners with potential investors.

Our team will work closely with the founders and management team prior to fundraising, developing strategies and key documentation needed for identifying and pitching investors. If you have an idea that needs a small amount of funding, a high-tech growth business seeking growth equity, or you are actively targeting angel or Venture Capital funding, we know what you’re going through; we’ve been through it too. A core focus of the team at Panakos Law is assisting with new venture and growth-equity fundraising, including:

  • Friends, Family, and Fools Funding (“Three F’s”)
  • Traditional Bank or SBA FundingBusiness Lawyer San Diego | Panakos Law | Raise Funding
  • Private Placements, PPM’s
  • Debt Funding (Promissory Notes, Convertible Debt)
  • Venture Capital / Private Equity / Angel Investors
  • CrowdFunding
  • Investor Relations
  • Securities Law Compliance
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How to Raise Capital for Your Business

Both startups and existing companies seeking growth equity funding are faced with a difficult fund-raising environment. Our attorneys will asses the “big picture” and work with a business interested in outside fundraising with the many questions that come with raising capital including how much to raise, how to structure the deal, how much equity to give up, or if a debt offering may be more advantageous.

We take a comprehensive look into the goals of the business and consider many factors like the overall business valuation, how to maintain control, how to protect both the company and the investor, and what type of investor would be best to target.

Investor Relations

There is much more to raising capital than just structuring the deal terms. Whether you are considering raising funds from your immediate network or through sophisticated investors like venture capitalists, how your company represents itself and provides appropriate information is key to a successful funding round.

The attorneys at Panakos Law take a comprehensive approach to raising capital by providing more than just the deal structure and investment documentation. Our investor relations apply before, during, and after a funding round.

  • Representation and general Counsel of businessBusiness Lawyer San Diego | Panakos Law | Strategic Counsel
  • Negotiations on terms
  • Assist with the Investment “Pitch”
  • Investor Preparedness
  • Business Plan Review (“Invest-ability” of Plan)
  • Financial Modeling / Proformas Analysis or Development
  • Investor Documentation Management & Tracking
  • Securities Law Compliance

Whether your company is seeking its initial seed round from one of the “Three F’s”, considering an SBA bank loan, or pursuing growth equity funding from sophisticated investors including Angels, PE or VC firms, the business attorneys at Panakos Law will comprehensively assist you and your business through the fund-raising process.

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