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Panakos Business Law is focused on doing what it takes to help entrepreneurs and their startup companies succeed. That’s why our team is always available as we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and passion for practicing law.
Entrepreneurs are a special breed with special needs
Early stage investors need the confidence in the business and it’s team. We take an active role with startups, their team members, and their investors. Our business attorneys are comfortable handling many types of investment transactions ranging from friends & family rounds to complex deferred equity transactions and debt offerings.

Whether you are taking a great idea to market, buying an existing business, or looking to franchise, Panakos Business Law will work with you as your trusted partner in order to maximize your opportunities for success. Every client has a unique business model, goals, and legal challenges. We specialize in protecting business owner’s interests and providing the legal services needed to help them achieve their business goals.

Summary of Services for Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

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Strategic Planning, Business Plans, Financial Analysis

Unfortunately, many more new businesses fail than need be, and many of them fail because of poor planning at the very beginning of the business. To ensure your company’s success (and you remain a long-term client!) we provide business planning services, information, resources, and consulting that will help you through each stage of the business lifecycle. We retain in-house business experts and experienced consultants to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners beyond an entrepreneur’s legal needs.

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Comprehensive Business Entity Formation

Anyone can fill out the basic paperwork needed to “incorporate” a business, but having Articles filed with the Secretary of State doesn’t mean anything without a comprehensive operating agreement or detailed bylaws. Our business lawyers work with entrepreneurs to form the right entity the right way and will work intimately with you to not only select the most appropriate entity type based your business and goals, but we will comprehensively structure the agreements needed to limit risk and maximize opportunities.

Let us help you with more than just completing the Articles for the Secretary of State, let our business attorneys lay the framework for a business worth building. We provide truly comprehensive entity formation services that go above and beyond filing Articles of Incorporation.

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