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Whether you are considering investment in a family or friend’s new great idea, an accredited investor considering a unique opportunity, or a professional Angel investor, we understand your position. We’re investors ourselves. With our unique mix of experience, database access, and financial acumen (in-house MBA),
Entrepreneurs are a special breed with special needs…
we can provide you with an unbiased and high-level assessment of an entire opportunity. Early stage investors need the confidence in the business and it’s team.

We take an active role with startups, their team members, and their investors. Our business attorneys are comfortable handling many types of investment transactions ranging from friends & family rounds to complex deferred equity transactions and debt offerings.

Our team has worked directly with angel investors, private equity investors & firms, and venture capital firms. We apply a unique and comprehensive approach to supporting investors through the fund-raising process of an exciting new startup or a seasoned small business.

Investing in entrepreneurs and startups can be exciting and potentially financially rewarding; but it’s a high-risk and complicated process with many different elements that must be considered. As many as 90% of startups fail in the first five years, will your investment fail as well? Contact Panakos Law to learn more about how our business attorneys and MBA’s can provide cost-effective investor representation.

Comprehensive Investor Representation:

  • Management Team Background ChecksBusiness Lawyer | Panakos Law | Investor Represenation Attorney
  • Financial Feasibility and Validation
  • Business Plan Review
  • 3-method Business Valuations
  • Private Placement Analysis
  • Analysis of Risk Factors
  • Negotiations and Representation
  • Termsheet Drafting and Review
  • Mitigation of Investor Exposure/Risk
  • Assessing ROI and Exit Opportunities
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